Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV

Choose and experience a touch of class with the elegant Aquaguard Crystal Plus. The stunning European design blends well with the aesthetics of your kitchen while the sober silver outlook goes easy on the eyes, creating a lasting impact on the onlooker.
  • Electronic monitoring system that detects any malfunctioning of the UV lamp
  • Auto shut off that turns off the UV lamp when it is not in use for 10 minutes, enhancing the life of UV lamp and in turn saving on power consumption
  • Voltage stabilizer makes sure the purifier works even during voltage fluctuations or low voltage
  • Backflush removes stagnant water, keeping the filters clean
  • BiotronTM Cartridge breaks down the water molecules so you can absorb them easily.
Qty :



    310 x 232 x 418
  • Weight
    4.50 kgs
  • Installation Type
    Wall Mounting
  • Storage Capacity
    No Storage


  • Purification Modules
    Clarity Cartridge, Activated Carbon Cartridge, Mineral GuardTM, UV Chamber, BiotronTM Cartridge

Technical Specifications

  • Recommended for
    Water supplied by Municipal Corporations sourced from lakes, rivers, etc and does not taste salty
  • Applicable TDS Range
    1 – 200 mg / litre
  • Water Flow Rate
    2 Litre / Minute
  • Input Water Pressure
    2.0 kg / (Max)0.4 kg / (Min)
  • Input Water Temperature
    10 – 40┬░C
  • Input Water Chlorine (Max)
    0.2 mg / litre
  • Input Water Iron
    0.3 mg / litre
  • Input Water Turbidity (Max)
    15 NTU
  • Life of UV Lamp
    5000 burning hours
  • Operating Input Voltage
    230V AC / 50 Hz
  • UV Lamp
    8 Watts

Power Specifications

  • Power Consumption
    18 Watts


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