Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV+UF

The versatile features of Enhance is aimed at giving you water that is completely safe, healthy and pure. The advanced features let you manually choose the purification technology either RO or UV/ UV as per the quality of water you receive at your place.
  • i-FilterTM removes suspended particles from the water.
  • Chemi-Block remove excess chlorine and organic impurities.
  • Mineral GuardTM prevents calcium and magnesium deposits.
  • Taste Enhancer Cartridge cleans the water, making it pure and safe.
  • Biotron CartridgeTM breaks down the water molecules so you can absorb them easily
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Physical Specifications

    316 x 251 x 462
  • Weight
    8.20 kgs
  • Installation Type
    Wall Mount / Table Top
  • Storage Capacity
    7 Litres


  • Purification Modules
    I-FilterTM, Chemi Block, Mineral GuardTM, Reverse Osmosis Cartridge, Taste Enhancer Cartridge, BiotronTM

Technical Specifications

  • Recommended for
    Municipal water, Borewell water, Water from tankers
  • Applicable TDS Range
    1 – 2000 mg / litre
  • Water Flow Rate
    15 Litres / hour
  • Input Water Pressure
    2.0 kg/ 0.6 kg/
  • Input Water Temperature
    10 – 40°C
  • Input Water Chlorine (Max)
    0.2 mg/litre
  • Input Water Iron
    0.3 mg/litre
  • Input Water Turbidity (Max)
    15 NTU
  • Membrane Type
    Thin Film Composite RO
  • RO Membrane
    75 GPD
  • Life of UV Lamp
    5000 burning hours
  • Operating Input Voltage
    230V AC / 50 Hz
  • UV Lamp
    11 Watts

Power Specifications

  • Booster Pump Voltage
    24V DC
  • Power Consumption
    40 Watts


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