Aquasure Maxima RO+UF

Maxima RO+UF is an RO plus purifier which is best suited for water with a high TDS & has a salty taste.
  • It comes with an intensive and efficient multi stage RO purification process which removes excess TDS and all disease causing bacteria, viruses, protozoa, cysts, other physical & chemical impurities along with UF which ensures crystal clear water
  • It also comes with energy saving feature.
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Physical Specifications

  • Weight
    7.80 kgs
  • Storage Capacity
    6 Litres


  • 6 Stages Purification
    Additional Purification – UF
    Alert System – Yes
    Water Level Tank Indication – Yes
    Cartridge capacity – 6000 ltrs
    Alert System – Yes
    Max. Turbidity Level tolerance – 15 NTU

Technical Specifications

  • Recommended for
    Water with high TDS, having a salty/brackish taste
  • Applicable TDS Range
    1 – 200 mg / litre
  • Input Water Turbidity (Max)
    15 NTU


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