• Silver ion filter eliminates bacteria, fungi & allergens
    • Copper condenser, rotary compressor
    • Strikingly modern & minimal design
    • Anti dust & vitamin C filter
    • The VarioQool 5S with its silver accent exudes class. Equipped with triple air filtration and AuraSense Intelligence, it is engineered to keep you cool, refreshed, and comfortable. Always.Less is More
      Strikingly modern and minimal design makes it a visual treat. The Brushed Steel Silver halo is an elegant style statement.

      Varioqool Inverter Technology
      5th Gen VarioQool technology adapts seamlessly with changing climate conditions providing you with optimum cooling. It helps you with equal surround cooling without any temperature fluctuations and also saves power.

      Aurasense Intelligence
      Intelligent temperature sensors embedded in the unit leads to a perfect calibration of air conditioner performance to the air around you.

      German Air Purification Technology
      Advanced Silver Ion, Anti dust and Vitamin C filter allows fresh air circulation around you giving you pure and healthier environment along with comfort cooling.

      Silver Ion Filter
      Highly efficient sterilizing filter that safeguards your health. Eliminates 99% bacteria, fungi, and common allergens from circulating air.

      Blue-tec Protection
      Increases AC life by minimizing moisture damage. Protection against humidity and moisture for enhanced condenser performance and efficiency.

      100% Copper Condensor
      100% copper condenser for extra reliability, high energy efficiency, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance.

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  • Series
    VarioQool 5S
  • Model
  • Split AC Style
  • Air Conditioner Type
  • Brand

Split AC Operations

  • DC Inverter Technology
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
  • Air Direction
    4 Way
  • Rated Amperes
  • Coverage
    150 Sq.ft.
  • Filter Types
    Silver Ion, Dust, Vitamin C
  • Max. Air Circulation
    353 CFM
  • Refrigerant
  • Noise level
    41 dB

Additional Features

  • Features
  • Power consumption 1090 W

Split AC Dimensions

  • Depth (Main Unit)
    28.9 cms
  • Width Outdoor Unit
    71 cms
  • Width Main Unit
    84.5 cms
  • Depth (Outdoor Unit)
    31.8 cms
  • Height (Main Unit)
    20.9 cms
  • Colour
  • Weight (Outdoor Unit)
    29500 grams
  • Height (Outdoor Unit)
    55 cms
  • Weight (Main Unit)
    11000 grams

Certificates & Ratings

  • BEE STAR Rating Disclaimer
    Ratings are valid for a specific duration of time and may undergo revisions from time to time.
  • BEE STAR Rating
    3 Star

AC Operations

  • Condenser Coil
  • Tonnage
    1 Ton
  • Compressor Type

In The Box & Warranty

  • Warranty
    1 Year


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