Daikin JTKM50SRV16 1.5 Ton Inverter 5 Star Split Air Conditioner

Superior Cooling

The Daikin JTKM50S series split air conditioner is crafted to provide an all rounded cooling experience. The 1.5 Ton capacity keeps the ambience in your room serene. The featured Power chill operation maximises the rate of cooling for a period of 20 minutes to provide quick relief even at 50 degree celsius. The Coanda airflow provides draftless air cooling everywhere in the room.

Comfortable Usage

This air conditioner is accompanied by a wireless remote that offers a host of options for an enhanced cooling experience. The 3D Airflow mechanism employed by this device provides uniform air distribution from all directions. Through the dynamic power-airflow dual flaps, this air conditioner can adjust its louvres to provide cooling exactly where you want.

Energy Efficient Performance

Featuring an impressive 5-star rating, this Daikin air conditioner optimizes the cooling process while minimizing the power consumption. Featuring Intelligent Eye, this smart air conditioner automatically detects your presence through its infra-red sensor and saves up to 20 per cent energy if you aren’t moving. This significantly reduces your electricity bills.

Reliable Protection

This air conditioner from Daikin ensures smell proof operation by turning off the cooling for a brief interval to eliminate odour causing dust and bacteria. The patented Streamer Discharge Technology destroys harmful virus, bacteria and allergens. It assumes complete control of the air quality so that your family breathes pure air and is secured from air borne diseases.

Qty :



  • PM 0.1 Filter – Traps minute particles
  • With Streamer Discharge Technology
  • Power Consumption/Temperature Display
  • Stabilizer Free Operation (130 – 265 V)
  • New dual Flap Louvers
  • Intelligent Eye, 3D airflow
  • New Matte Curved Design
  • New dry cooling operation
  • Good Sleep off timer
  • Indoor Unit quiet operation
  • PAM Control


Capacity: 1.5 Ton(s)
BEE Rating: 5 Star
AC Type: Split
Usage: Home
Warranty: 1 Year(s)
Features: Coanda Airflow, Intelligent Eye, Power Chill Operation, Streamer Discharge Technology
Noise Level Indoor: 28 DB
Noise Level Outdoor: 44 DB
Timers: Yes
Auto Restart: Yes
Sleep Mode: Yes
Remote Control: Yes
Air Swing: Yes
Dehumidification: Yes
Color: White
Dimension: 845x300x595
Weight: 39
Tonnage: 1.5


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