Mitsubishi Presents Mitsubishi MSY-GN13VF Inverter Air conditioner system with maximum energy savings by reducing the cycle of the compressor temperature cool precision. The fungus on purpose and the smell Filter plate Electrostatic Purifier Anti-Allergen Enzyme containing enzymes form allergen resistance electrostatic mode Save mode to set the temperature back up convenient, fast, no need to press the remote control is often Silent Silent Mode work only 19 DB MSY-GN13VF, Econo Cool, saves 20% more power. Coating X3 Dual Barrier coating on parts of the air conditioning to reduce the adherence of dust and oil mist at Filter Platinum Nanobacteria in the air filter, the air mixed Platinum particles smaller nano level. Helps to inhibit the growth of the brand e Vittoria. Now you Can buy this Air Conditioner from at lowest price and manufacturing warranty.

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Brand Mitsubishi
Capacity 1 Ton
Function Type Split
Star Rating 5 Star, Inverter
Warranty 1 Year Comprehensive & 5 Years on Compressor
Model Name MSY/MUY-GE13VA
Power Supply
Source Outdoor power supply
Outoor (V/Phase/Hz) 230v/single phase/ 50Hz
Function cooling only
Capacity 3.5
Ton 1
tota input 1.02
EER 3.43
Sound Level(SPL)
indoor unit(Slient-Lo-Med-Hi-SHi) 19-22-30-36-45
Air volume
indoor unit(Slient-Lo-Med-Hi-SHi) 148-173-237-325-452
Operating Current 4.7
Indoor Unit
Dimensions(HxWxD) 295x798x232
Wieght 10
outdoor unit
Dimensions(HxWxD) 550x800x285
Wieght 30
Breaker Size (MCB required) 10
Dimensions Liquid 6.35 (1/4)
Dimension Gas 9.52(3/8)
Max.Length Out-In 20
Max.Height Out-In 12
BEE Star Rating 5 Star


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