Panasonic 1 Ltr TK CS50 DA Water Purifiers

Key Features

  • Computerized Control System
  • Electronically Controlled Spout
  • Eco Mode
  • Cartridge Life Indicator & UV Fail Indicator
  • Smart LED Display
  • Quartz UV Filtration Medium
  • Dual Function Filter Cartridge
  • SMPS
  • Stabiliser Free Operation
Qty :


Model TK-CS50
Filtering capacity TK-CS50
Water pressure at which the unit can be used 50 kPa to 200 kPa
General Information Dimensions: W x D x H [cm] Approx. 27.5 X 16.0 X 37.5 cm
Mass(Weight) [kg] Approx. 6.9 kg [ 13.2 Kg with water full]



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