Panasonic CS-S12RKY AC

Key Features
  • Econavi Dual Sensor
  • iAuto-X & Aerowings
  • Nanoe-G Air Purification
  • Blue Fin Condenser
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The Panasonic CS-S12RKY 1 Ton Inverter Split Air Conditioner features ECONAVI dual sensor, iAUTO-X, AEROWINGS, nanoe-G air purification, blue fin condenser, shower cooling, thermal enhancement technology, 5 econavi functions, AUTOCOMFORT-Dual Sensor and much more to provide you ultimate comfort and fastest cooling.


The Econavi dual sensor combines Econavi & Inverter. The Econavi intelligent eco sensors detects human activity levels and sunlight intensity and transmits the information to the inverter. This optimizes compressor rotation speed and maximizes the cooling operation. The iAuto-X gives you faster cooling from the moment the AC is switched ON with the help of its thermal enhancement technology. Its Aerowings has twin flaps that directs the air flow towards the user, thus enabling faster cooling. Once the set temperature is reached it automatically redirect the air flow upwards to distribute cool air more evenly. The nanoe-G Air purification system releases three trillion negative ions to remove harmful airborne particles and also deodorizes adhesive odours that are attached to surfaces. The blue fin condenser allows you to experience efficient and effective cooling for a long time and ensures durability. The shower cooling spreads cool air to a wider area around the room making you feel cool without being cold from the direct blowing at any time. Its 5 econavi functions are New temperature wave, area search, sunlight detection, activity detection and absence detection. The new temperature wave works on the principle of thermal physiology and offsets the air conditioner’s performance accordingly. And when it detects the human presence and low activity level, temperature wave adapts to this rhythmic temperature control to contribute for energy savings without sacrificing comfort. The area search detects the changes in the human movement and directs the air flow towards the human presence. The sunlight detection detects the intensity of the sunlight and adjusts the temperature accordingly. The activity detection adapts to your daily activities and adjusts the temperature accordingly. The absence detection detects the human absence and stops the air flow, thus saves energy effectively. The auto comfort dual sensor senses the high activity levels and adjusts cooling and heating power to provide maximum comfort. It also features quiet mode, powerful mode,soft dry operation mode, personal airflow creation, hotstart control, 31 ft air flow, sleep mode, mild dry cooling and lots more.


The Panasonic CS-S12RKY 1 Ton Inverter Split Air Conditioner lets you enjoy refreshingly cool air while reducing energy consumption by half.


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