Panasonic CS-YS24RKY Inverter Split AC (2 Ton, White, Copper)

Product description

  • Split AC; 2 ton capacity
  • 1 year warranty on product; 4 years warranty on compressor
  • Upto 50 percent energy saving, enjoy quick cooling with constant comfort
  • Measures your air conditioner’s performance
  • Enjoy healthy air free from dust particles with size as low as PM25, removal rate of 85 percent
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Product specification

Cooling Capacity (W) 6100(2290-6800)
Electricity Consumption/ Year (kWh) 1023.33
Star Rating 5
Electrical Data Voltage (V) 230
Running Current (A) 7.7
Power Input (W) 1690
Moisture Removal l/h 3.3
Pt/h 7
Air Circulation (Indoor/Hi) m³/min 18.5
ft³/min 655
Dimensions (IDU) Length (cm) 107.0 [87.5]
Breadth (cm) 24.1 [32.0]
Height (cm) 29.6 [75.0]
Noise Level Indoor (H/L/Q-Lo) [dB-A] 46/36/33
Outdoor [dB-A] 60
Net Weight kg 12 [44]
lb 26 [97]
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter Liquid Side (cm) Ø0.635
Gas Side (cm) Ø1.588
Pipe Extension Chargeless Pipe length (m) 10
Maximum Pipe length (m) 20
Maximum Elevation length (m) 15
Additional Refrigerant Gas * (g/m) 20
Power Supply INDOOR


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