Panasonic SC18SKY5 Split AC(5 Stars AC- Fixed Speed)

Product description

  1. t has so good outdoor unit. Yes, its bit bigger but that makes it more efficient.
  2. Noise is so low 0f both unit. Indoor unit sounds like fan at speed of 4 and similarly outdoor unit is not making noise.
  3. Nono-G technology : I dont think we can see any benefit of having it or not.
  4. It really cools very well. I have 150 sqft room and it takes 7 to 10 mins for comfortable cooling and just 5 mins if you use powerful mode. (I am considering this when we have 44 degree temperature outside our home and I had kept 24 degree in AC.)
  5. Remote and display on AC are like what we see in older version of ACs but it have all required things, so no issue in that case.
  6. Just for info : It doesn’t have technology to check temperature from remote and follow me option which comes in bit higher range of ACs.
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Product specification

Cooling Capacity (W) 5250
Star Rating 5
Operating Temp . (˚C)* up to 52˚
Electrical Data Voltage (V) 230
Running Current (A) 6.7
Power Input (W) 1460
Moisture Removal l/h 3
Pt/h 6.3
Air Circulation (Indoor/Hi) m³/min 16.4
ft³/min 579
Dimensions Length (cm) 107 [82.4]
Breadth (cm) 23.6 [29.9]
Height (cm) 29.0 [61.9]
Noise Level Indoor (H/L/Q-Lo) [dB-A] 48/43
Outdoor [dB-A] 58
Net Weight kg 12 [42]
lb 26 [93]
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter Liquid Side (cm) Ø0.635
Gas Side (cm) Ø1.588
Pipe Extension Chargeless Pipe Length (m) 7.5
Maximum Pipe Length (m) 15
Maximum Elevation Length (m) 5
Additional Refrigerant Gas * (g/m) 20
Power Supply INDOOR


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